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Proud to Serve You

Cinnamon Grill is revolutionizing the way people eat and enjoy food. We take pride in our ability to discover the most unique and traditional flavors from Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia to share them with the tri-state area. Join us today!

Our Chef, Gavin, awaits to surpirse you.

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Sri Lankan sodas are here to give you a great experience!

Our Food

Savor The Flavor

The food we serve at Cinnamon Grill is healthy and delicious, extravagant and attractive, interesting and well presented.
Our ingredients are fresh and we cater to all types of dietary requirements. Check out our flavorful menu and get in touch to make a reservation!


Lamb Chop

Served All Day

With our Lamb Chop we’ve managed to put a new spin on an old classic. Simplicity is the name of the game: we use fresh ingredients to give the best and unique flavors to our customers.

Taste buds Party!

Full of Fire

All of our recipes were selected with great precision to offer you, our customer, an unforgettable experience of mouthwatering Sri Lankan and Southeast Asian food where we combine our greatest allies, quality ingredients, and exceptional service. 

(On the picture from left to right: Kandy Chicken, Malaysian Street Noddles, Yellow Rice, Kankun Beef Sri Lanka, Chicken Curry, Grilled Beef Salad)

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Cinnamon Grill 
Veggie Options

  • Nirvana Curry (Sri Lankan)

  • Planted-Based "Meat" Curry (Sri Lankan)

  • Banana Blossom

The Story Behind

Simple, but  yet Exotic!

Cinnamon Grill was a dream, then a plan, and eventually with effort, creativity, and a couple of drinks we finally became a reality. We are four Sri Lankan guys who intend to bring to New London-Connecticut an exquisite experience of the exotic and unique flavors of Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. 

As we call ourselves: Simple, but yet Exotic. That is Cinnamon Grill, a fresh, clean, and cozy place that always is going to be a suitable idea for a first date, a crazy I-do-not-remember-my-name-or-my-address party, or a casual lunch. 


385 Bank Street, New London,CT 06320

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